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About InUni

InUni provides digital platform crafted for each and every city. Watch your city come to life in real-time while you discuss, connect and share with people from all over the city. 4000+ Sources to guarantee best of Local & National News.

Trusted Local Sources

News collected from more than 4000+ Facebook pages and 100+ Newspapers


See all Local, National & Viral news at one place from trusted sources

Super Fast

Immediate News update and Alerts for important News



Our app is a gateway to experience city through people eyes. You can find all latest news from national & local source. Get real time city updates from social networks like Facebook & Twitter at one place. Our App connects, describes and narrates essence of city.

One City One App.

Every city is a world in its own. Our app is as unique as our loving cities. Every city has so much to offer that putting all cities in one app becomes chaotic thus we decided to give every city a unique space in digital world.

Unique Local Experience

Our app has city at its center, right and left. It has all latest news, photos and information that anyone who cares for their city needs.

Individually Handcrafted

Each App has been handcrafted to blend according to particular ambience of each city.

Unique custom design.

Our Apps have been designed keeping in mind the needs of user who want clutter free experience. We follow Material UI design guidelines to give right content the beauty it deserves.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Machine Learning Algorithms find most relevant content for every city.

Material UI

Our clean and clutter free UI gives great user experience. With simple swipes users can easily see local, national and viral content hassle free.

User friendly.

Our apps are user friendly with easy to use feed and tab based navigation. Languages are tuned to city local tongue helping users to consume content in their favourite language.


Want to know about your city? Our app aggregates posts not only from news websites but also Facebook and other social sites.

Super Fast

News & posts from social networks are updated at lightning fast speed. You know what’s happening in your city real fast.


Watch your city come to life in real-time while you discuss, connect and share with people from all over the city.

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Each city has its own App. To download App for your city go to Google play store and search for in(your city name) for example for Varanasi you can search inVaranasi. Many of our apps are already at top of result when you search for your city news app on play store. We are adding more features every week keep updating your app to get latest features.


Wanna know more about our Apps? Go through these FAQs to know more…

  • Why our apps are so awesome?
    These are awesome because you can see what’s happening in your city easily. Our apps connect social fabric of a city using technology.
  • Why this app when there are other aggregators?
    Our apps doesn’t take away your focus from city. It aggregates content from Facebook, Twitter, Newspaper etc. with more new sources joining us rapidly. Our cities deserve their own App.
  • Is it a tour guide App?
    No. It is much more than that. This is city news & information app which can be used by people living there, people who have their hometown, people planning a visit there, people who want to understand the city or simply people who love the city for no reason :)
  • Can I only find city based posts in your App?
    You can explore State, National & Viral content in addition to city based feed in case you feel to explore more.
  • What’s under hood?
    Right from Machine Learning to relational Databases we use array of latest technologies to deliver unique experience of your city. This is just beginning we have more awesome features coming soon.


More and more users are downloading our apps daily. If you don’t find app for your city, don’t get disappointed we will be launching it soon. Two months since launch we have garnered lots of love from our users, here is a snapshot.

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